Re-Wild Kids


Proudly recognizing being located on the unceded traditional lands of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil Watuth Coast Salish Peoples.



Hello, my name is Sasha Schaepe, I am the entrepreneur of Re-Wild Kids, a Vancouver based, sustainable, gender-fluid, slow-fashion, lifestyle project. 

I create hand-made, made-to-order products for kids ages 7-12 and offer customization services for any age/size. You will also find an array of re-worked upcycled pieces for sale. 

I see to environmentally conscious movements such as ‘rewilding’, ‘unschooling’, and ‘fashion revolution’, etc. to inform my work as well as my personal lifestyle. I draw creative energy from these philosophies and channel my curiosities into solution-based designs and services. 

Re-Wild Kids provides ethically responsible clothing that will facilitate a mindful lifestyle and inspire the growth of a nature-loving child.


-Zero-waste techniques

-Gender-fluid, inclusive designs

-Upcycled creations

-Organic dying

-Sustainable fabrics: repurposed, organic, bio-compostable fibers, + recycled polyester made from ocean-bound plastic bottles

-Functional features: reversible + adjustable (grow as you grow - increases longevity of item) 

-Nature/educational-inspired artwork: custom prints, screen printing, embroidery, + lino stamping


'Rewilding' and 'Unschooling'?

'Unschooling' highlights self-directed, creative, holistic, and environmental-based learning. This educational approach grants children the opportunity to relate with their natural surroundings and develop their unique sense of autonomy and purpose from a very young age.

The 'Rewilding' movement originated as a response to the ‘anthropocene extinction’. The term was coined by a group of grassroot environmental activists in the 80's. The movement began focused on restoring and protecting natural processes and core wilderness areas. It's philosophy has evolved into engaging natural restoration in human beings as well.

The absence of direct and respectful contact with our environment is dulling our health, empathy, and interest in nature, which proves to be taking a grave toll on our well-being and that of our environment alike. These movements are aimed as a process of re-connecting and understanding our roles in a biologically diverse community.

'Fashion Revolution'?

Established in 2013, after the collapse of a clothing factory in Bangladesh, which is considered to be the fourth largest industrial disaster in history. 'Fashion Revolution' became a global movement calling for "a fair, safe, clean, and transparent fashion industry."  

This movement is a valuable recourse which I personally reference. It provides an educated view of systemic issues imbedded in the fashion industry, which enables visibility between 'consumers' + producers, and ultimately inspires individual + collective action towards a healthy fashion future. 


My childhood was mostly spent playing/exploring outdoors and engaged in artistic crafts. As I grew older my interest in fashion grew deeper. I struggled as I came to know just how harmful and polluting the fashion industry actually is, for humans, animals, and the Earth. I made it my personal mission to find a way to harmonize the art of clothing-making with nature.


I pursued my studies in fashion design for 5 years. My final year of university was spent forming and developing my graduating project called Re-Wild Kids. My thesis focused on sustainable, gender-fluid fashion for the youth, designed to facilitate and encourage the lifestyle of outdoor education and play. 


I feel deeply motivated by the unique challenges we all face today as we aim to restore equilibrium in our ecosystem. Re-Wild Kids is my way of integrating mindful practices into my work and connecting to people through the love of nature + creative artforms! 


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