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Re-Wild Kids




Respectfully recognizing being located on the unceded traditional lands of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil Watuth Coast Salish Peoples.



Hello, my name is Sasha Schaepe,

As the entrepreneur and designer of Re-Wild Kids,

I offer hand-made, custom, slow-fashion, 

solution-based designs and services. 

Re-Wild Kids is built on sustainable

approaches to fashion and livelihood: 

-Ecofriendly/ recycled/ up-cycled fabrics

-Zero-waste design practices 

-Organic hand dying techniques 

-Reversible and adjustable features to increase longevity

-Utilitarian details to facilitate a lifestyle of outdoor learning and play

-Nature/ educational-inspired artwork through screen printing and embroidery

Having grown up in rural Chilliwack River Valley,

I've always felt deeply connected to nature.

Re-Wild Kids is my way of integrating

mindful practices into my work

and connecting to people

through the love of nature

+ creative artforms! 

I gain inspiration from movements aimed at re-connection to our ecosystem and understanding our roles in a biologically diverse community.



'Rewilding' and 'Unschooling' ?

'Unschooling' highlights self-directed, creative, holistic, and environmental-based education. This

approach grants children the opportunity to create a life-long relationship with their natural surroundings and develop their unique sense of autonomy and purpose from a very young age.

The 'Rewilding' movement originated as a response to the ‘anthropocene extinction’. The term was coined by a group of grassroot environmental activists in the 80's. The movement began focused on restoring and protecting natural processes and core wilderness areas. 

Modern takes of this philosophy involve engaging natural restoration practices in ourselves. Rewilding is a way of life and entry point to connecting with our full potential through direct and respectful contact with our environment. 

'Fashion Revolution'? 

Established in 2013, after the collapse of a clothing factory in Bangladesh, which is considered to be the fourth largest industrial disaster in history. 'Fashion Revolution' is a global movement challenging systemic issued imbed in the fashion industry. The focus is set on restoration in the environment, protection of workers and people, and calling for collective action towards a healthy fashion future.


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