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How it works  -

Send me a message through the boxes found bellow including the following:


  1. Name of the product/s you'd like 

  2. Colourway / print you'd like for each product 

  3. Age / size of the person it's for

  4. Optional - fit / customization requests 

You will receive a personal message in response, covering the rest of the details and walking you through the process.

From there, your order will be made-with-love and sent your way! 

Optional fit -

Re-Wild Kids makes products for kids age 7-12 and offers custom fit services for anyone wishing for clothing specific to their bodies / age. 

See measurement sheet bellow.

(Costs vary depending on request)

Optional customization  -

Re-Wild Kids is open to create products meeting your personal visions. You are free to choose from the selections in the catalogue and mix-and-match to your design liking. 

(Costs vary depending on request)

Custom fit reference sheet -

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